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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thankful for Unique Weirdness

We are getting ready for a "real" Thanksgiving at our house this year.  Rainman, who really almost ALWAYS works on off this year!


So, we are staying home.  I am cooking.  Rainman is even going to get to watch the Bears play football too.  Dream holiday for him.

I am so thankful for him, the kids, that we have a nice big, comfy house to live in.  But, mostly, I am thankful for these people I call mine.

I always tell the kids that we are a weird family.  But, that I like our kind of weird and am sort of proud of us for being weird..  One of the last times I said that, D-man said something like....well....we aren't all that special....all families are weird in their own way.


He went on to try to explain it to me using the visual effect of  a bicycle wheel where normal is the center of the wheel and everyone's unique brand of weirdness are the spokes that extended outward on the wheel.  As long as you are more towards the center of the wheel with your personal brand of weirdness, you should be okay.  Or something like that.  He decided that we were definitely towards the center of the weird spectrum.  Not normal.....but definitely not psycho either.  Ha!

I thought of that conversation again this morning when I was flipping through the pictures on our camera.

Doesn't every teenage girl eat pickles with a fork while watching beauty videos on YouTube?  Oh...they don't?

How about this then?

Don't all moms say their little "girl dinosaurs" can wear the face paint to church the day after the birthday party?  Then, when they sleep like statues and the face paint actually stays on with nary a smudge....actually let them attend worship service with the masks on?   Oh... just me?  Well...never mind.

Does it help that I didn't let A-man wears his to church the next day? (He has a camo wearing dino hunter)

No?  How about this one then?

Isn't this how all 15 year old girls hang out in the living room with the family?  Nailed it.

How about this one?  Don't all moms take their sons out to a southern place for a celebratory breakfast when they get into their dream southern college? (By the way, Minnesota peeps, this is a southern version of The People's Cafe....they just have grits and something called Streak O Lean on the menu)

Yay!  D-man got early acceptance into the University of Georgia!  We are now past the initial excitement of it all, since is a hard school to get into, especially for early enrollment...and now are into the are we going to pay for this phase of the thought process!  The scholarship search has begun!

I have so much to be thankful for this year...but, I am especially thankful for Rainman all my little weirdos.

Hope they feel the same about me.

While D-man and I were at breakfast, he ordered from 3 separate areas of the menu...he got french toast and bacon, biscuits and gravy, and....honestly, I can't even remember what else he ordered, but he got a whole other entree in addition to hot chocolate with whipped cream.  It was a lot.  When my eyes started bugging out (and yes, adding up the cost in my head), he told me to relax....that he didn't get to eat "real" breakfasts very often, since I never cooked for him in the mornings.

I responded by agreeing and stating that I was, in fact, a crappy mom.  We both had a good laugh.  I corrected myself to say that I was a crappy mom in some ways, but in other ways, I was a really good mom.

Then, he said something really sweet.  He said that I was a good mom in all the ways that mattered. Getting up and cooking him breakfast or even having a family dinner every single night, didn't count as much as the other stuff that I was good at.

Aww....why do they move out when they start getting nicer, hmmm?

Have an awesome Thanksgiving with your family this week!

I am putting together some posts to help with Christmas gift ideas for your kids.....based on my experience with my 6 kids over the years.  Just in case your brand of weirdness is close to our spoke on the wheel of weirdness...I may just be able to help you find that perfect gift!