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Friday, November 6, 2015

Randomness At Our House

My sister-in-law says that I have made her tear up/cry twice this week and wants me to stop.

So, I thought I would lighten things up with just  random bits from our lives recently.

Our microwave just went "zap" one morning, when I was trying to reheat my coffee.

Panic ensued.  Mostly from my teenagers.  How would we heat up our nuggets and pizza rolls  they wondered.  I wondered if I would have to resort to heating my coffee up on the stovetop like my mom used to do?  Gasp.

So, I looked on-line found some pretty decent prices for microwaves at Walmart and made plans to head over there after the National Honor Society induction ceremony.  D-man is Vice President and A-girl was being inducted.

Rainman had to work and L-girl was spending the day with the Ramblers group from our church.  So, they weren't at the ceremony.  The Ramblers are the senior citizen group at our church (although all ages are welcome).  L-girl went over in the morning to help them with a craft painting project that they are working on for a fundraiser.  She left at 8:45 in the morning....she got home last night at like 9:30.  The Ramblers know how to party.  They crafted.  They went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  They crafted some more.  L-girl was invited to join them for supper at a local Mexican place that also holds a trivia contest.  So, she and the friend of ours who had the crafting at her house, took a nap on the couch to prepare for their night out.  Just cracked me up. Homeschooling was why this kind of day was even possible for her.   L-girl had  a blast and came home exhausted!  Too funny.

The induction ceremony only took like 20 minutes total because there were only 11 kids joining. So, we had time to run to Walmart.  I perused the microwave offerings (none of which were the ones that I had seen on-line)....found one that was the right size, right wattage, right price.  But, there weren't any on the shelves.  I went over to the nearest department for help.  It happened to be the gun (i.e. sports and leisure) section.  They did their little computer gun magic and said that there should be 3 in the warehouse.  But, of course, when he went and checked and there weren't any.  So, I went with my second choice, which was $10 more than my first choice.

We got it home and D-man and I got it all set up....and lo and behold....the cord was too short to reach the outlet.  Grrrrrrr.   But, we found a power strip and are using that, so we should be okay....but to get to that point took us like an hour.

This morning, this sign was posted on the cupboard above the microwave.  L-girl cracks me up.  Totally a mom in training, right?

I am chuckling just reading it again.

I am so glad we have babies around our house again.  I have missed seeing things like this throughout our school day.

V-girl has been practicing her braiding techniques on anybody with long enough hair.  She is getting better.

L-girl finally let someone trim her hair.  She picked A-girl (I am not sure how I feel about my roll as barber being taken over by someone else).

But, it looks really healthy and A-girl did a good job.

Found this on the camera too....apparently L-girl had practiced her deer make-up on her little sister before Halloween.  Her mouth is cracking me up.

Hopefully that was less heavy and more light-hearted for you, Deb!