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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Not Just a Sunday Thing - Week 3

I am getting better and better at including God into my days.  How about you?

I do still feel like I am walking that fine line between just making it part of my thing to check off of my To Do list each day....and really just including Him in all of it.  But, anything is better than how I was doing it.  I am considering it "imperfect progress".

My Sunday School class is just getting into the new Jen Hatmaker book, For The Love.  Anybody else reading it?  Studying it?  Opinions?

My pastor got with with a phrase again this morning during his sermon.

He was talking about Jesus and prevenient grace.  won't try to summarize his whole sermon here.  But, he said something like, "In a world (or situation) where "No" isn't an option, a "yes" means nothing."

I will let you think on that one for a bit.

For me, it struck a chord and made me think of things like my kids saying I love you.

When they just repeat it back to me after I have said it to is nice, but not as nice as when they just come up to you, out of the blue, and declare their love for me.  That means more.  Not like the first kind of declaration means "nothing"....but that is where my mind went.

Or even with my singing, if I get a compliment from a friend.  It could just mean that they are being nice.  That they know how insecure I am sometimes and they are helping build me up.  But, if a complete stranger takes the time to cross the room, seek me out, grab my hand and tell me that I sounded good or that the song I sang touched their soul.  That does mean...more.

I want to look for opportunities for my words to mean....something.  Mean more than nothing.  Be more than just filling time and space on this earth.

Pastor Kevin also talked about families who skip church on Sunday mornings for sporting activities for the kids.  I agreed with him on this point, already, but I LOVED the way he put it in his sermon.  He said that when parents skip church on Sunday for soccer, or baseball or....put your particular sport in the blank.....the parents are picking something that only matters or even exists on this planet...over someone and something who is the universe.

Something that only exists on this planet!

I just loved where that took my thoughts this morning.

D-man is hovering and pacing and wanting to get the computer out from under my hot little hands (my laptop is still being completely stupid, so I have been writing from the family desktop computer later).

So, I will cut short my Not Just a Sunday Post today with this final thought...

Are there ways that we can choose God first in our normal every day lives....through our words.....through our actions....that we aren't already doing?

Are there ways to say yes, when no is an actual option?  Or, are we just saying yes, because that is the only choice we have.  (Which makes me think of one of the other studies our class did recently The Best Yes - which talked about actually saying no to some things so when you do say "yes" is the best one for you and you can give your best...not just the obligatory enough).

Okay - D-man is back pacing and eating Halloween candy over my shoulder.  So, goodbye for now....