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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Not Just a Sunday Thing - Week 6

I have a friend, from Minnesota, named Edith.  I am going to use her real name, instead of calling her E-woman or something.....since, you don't hear that name very often these days.  Although I could just call her E, because she signs her letters and messages like this:


Edith and I met years ago....I am going to say it was something like 18 or 19 years ago at a women's retreat in Northern Minnesota.  She was an attendee and I was a worker bee.  I used to work this women's retreat every year as a Massage Therapist.  I would give anywhere between 12 to 15 massages in a weekend (plus, I usually had a baby at home, so I had to schedule in time to pump breast milk - I know TMI, right!).  It was exhausting.  I could barely walk by the end of the weekend....but it was REALLY good I didn't slow down.

One year, I was also asked to teach a breakout session on massage.  That is where I met Edith.  She signed up for my class and even raised her hand and asked questions.  I don't remember much about the class, but I remember I was teaching how to give a good foot massage and had them partner up with each other.  Edith raised her hand and asked what you do if you don't have a partner at home. (basically saying, what was the point in learning partner massage if, in real life, you didn't have a "partner"?)  So, I shifted the class tone to being able to work some of your own kinks and aches and pains out....if you were limber enough.  I got the first glimpse of the no nonsense, common sense kind of gal that Edith is.

After the class, Edith took my card and that was that.  I am pretty sure that she didn't book a massage with me that weekend.  I can't quite remember.  But, she did call me and schedule one when she got home.  The rest is history.  She was one of my regular clients up until we moved to  Georgia.

I have almost always ended up as actual, real life, friends with my massage clients.  Edith was no exception.  She and I ended up as true friends.  Edith is a spectacular person.  I used to joke around and tell people that I wanted to be Edith when I grew up.  (Although it wasn't really a joke)  She is a woman of faith.  She raised 8 kids.  She is well read.  She is smart.  She is funny and clever.  She has a zip in her step and a ready smile for anyone who will give her a chance.  She is kind.  She has a real zest for life and is always looking for her new adventure.  Always.  Like, she really doesn't seem to be afraid of much of anything.

Edith is also one of my most faithful blog readers. Even though her kids are all grown (and even most of her grandchildren too).  She reads every post....even my homeschool review posts.  She will send me a quick e-mail or even an old fashioned letter if she enjoyed something particular or had something to share with me after reading my blog.  Most of the time though, she just sends me words of encouragement or shares a funny story.

I love Edith.

She sent me a letter last week that included this completely awesome prayer.  She said she had come across it right around the time I shared about trying to start everyday with the quiet Jesus time.  It gave the instruction to try sitting in a quiet and peaceful area, then read the following prayer and imagine the Jesus is speaking just to you.

You do not have to be clever to please Me; all you have to do is want to love Me.
Just speak to Me as you would to anyone to whom you are very fond.

Are there any people you want to pray for?  Say their names to Me, and ask of Me as much as you like.  I know all their needs, but I want you to show your love for them and Me by trusting Me to do what I know is best.

Tell me about the poor, the sick, and the sinners, and if you have lost the friendship or affection of anyone tell Me about that too.

Is there anything you want for your soul?  If you like, you can write out a long list of all your needs and come and read it to Me.  Tell Me of the things you feel guilty about.  I will forgive you, if you will accept my forgiveness.

Just tell Me about your pride, your touchiness, your self-centeredness.  I still love you in spite of these.  Do not be ashamed.  There are many saints in heaven who had the same faults as you.  They prayed to Me and little by little, their faults were corrected.

Do not hesitate to ask Me for blessings for the body and mind; for health, memory, success.  I can give everything needed to make souls holier for those who truly want it.

What is it you want today?  Tell Me, for I long to do you good.  

What are your plans?  Tell Me about them.

Is there anyone you want to please?  What do you want to do for them?

Are you afraid of anything?  Have you any tormenting, unreasonable fears?  Trust yourself to Me.  I am here.  I see everything.  I will not leave you.

Have you no joys to tell Me about?  Why don't you share your happiness with Me?  Tell Me what has happened since yesterday to cheer and comfort you.  Whatever it was, however big or small, I prepared it.  Show Me your gratitude and thank Me.

Are temptations bearing heavily on you?  Yielding to temptations always disturbs the peace of your soul.  Ask Me and I will help you overcome them.

Well, go along now.  Get on with your work or play or other interests.

Try to be quieter, humbler, kinder. Come back soon and bring me a more loving heart.  Tomorrow I shall have more blessings for you.

I hope you were able to read that whole prayer.  I loved the simplicity of it and the simple, yet profound idea behind really and truly chatting with Jesus....about the good and the bad stuff.

I LOVED the part about Jesus loving me despite my pride, touchiness and self centeredness. Oh, and that there were saints in heaven who had those same faults!  Ha!

There is hope for me yet!