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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Homecoming 2015

D-man and A-girl made homecoming court at their school.

I like how their school does it because to even be considered for the court, you have to be a good student (good grades, good behavior,etc.).  The school picks the top students in each grade and then the students vote from that pool of students.

A-girl borrowed her dress from her friend E-girl (who surprised us and came home from college and showed up last night - but I guess I was so surprised that I forgot to take a picture of her!)  I loved that A-girl was smart and didn't wear ridiculous shoes under her dress.

(Her Chacos and the French pedicure she gave herself.)

J-girl was able to make it to the coronation, but she won't be able to come to the dance because her One Act play made it to State and that is the same day.

A-girls friend, E-man, also made an appearance.

My little girls were over the moon looking at all the dresses and picking their favorite ones.

Rainman had to work, but he was able to make it at the very end.  At least he got to see his baby girl in her dress, right?

This is D-man's best friend, S-man.  As they say here in the south, "They are a hoot when they are together."

All in all, it was a fun night for us.  Most of the kids and I stayed up until 1:00 talking.  We talked about who they thought was going to win......who actually won......the crazy weather.  We talked about our favorite dresses.  The announcer mispronouncing things (surprisingly NOT our last name).

Leading up until homecoming, you might say that I was either being a horrible mother or a great one.  I told both of the kids not to expect to win.  I didn't say it, or mean it, in a mean way.  I just told them they should just be happy that they got a chance to be on the court and have fun dressing up and all that jazz. (For the record, I never used the phrase "you should be honored just to be nominated"  or "you are all winners in my eyes")  I just told them they probably wouldn't win....and to have fun.  (I also said I wasn't planning to spend much, if any, money on their finery that they would wear for 15 minutes, so get creative.)

As we were talking last night, A-girl said, "I knew I wasn't going to win, so I was just so relaxed.  I mean, I was nervous about walking out in front of everyone, but otherwise,  he and I just laughed and whispered about everything.  It was fun."


Then, D-man said, "Well, I thought I had a chance to win.  I mean, I am pretty likable, but I am not that kind of likable.  You know?  I figured he would win."

I did know.  I am pretty sure I was.... and am...that kind of likable too.  I don't consider it a bad thing.

I am proud to be their mom...they are plenty likable for me.