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Monday, November 23, 2015

Completely Shallow Post Ahead

I had a fantastic girls weekend with my mom and sisters last weekend.  It had just the right amount of doing actual "stuff" and just sitting around and talking.

One day, we went to a local t.v. talk show - that is sort of the Twin Cities version of Kelly and Michael.  If you live up there, I highly recommend it.  Super fun.  The hosts were really nice.  It was fun and interesting to see how t.v. shows work behind the scenes.  It was fun and sort of nerve wracking to keep one eye on the producer as he cued the audience to clap...wrap up your clapping....woo hoo, etc.  Seriously....I was actually nervous and sort of kept my hands in the ready to clap position the whole time! (My sisters made fun of me, like any good sister would)

The hosts stuck around at the end and answered questions from the audience.  I actually raised my hand and asked a question. (sort of proud of myself)  Then they posed for pictures with us and also let us just take random pictures on the set.

This is where my sisters and I made a discovery....good lighting makes a huge difference.  We can all look really good....when there is good lighting!  (I also just realized that I am the only person in my family not wearing black!)

(Lydia...this is the talk show host that I think you look like!  She actually sort of talks like you too...but with a Minnesota accent!) in this....look how good my mom and sister look!  Then, there is me...behind the not quite so great.  See the difference?

(Doesn't my sister look like she should BE a talk show host?!?!?)

The next day, we went to the Chanhassen Dinner Theater and saw Sister Act.  (It was a good show.  Not my favorite one I have seen there, but it was good.)  The food was fantastic.  The company was spectacular.  We met 3 of my cousins and their husbands there.  We didn't have too long to chat, but it was nice getting caught up with them and frankly, just seeing their smiling faces.  You know?

Anyway, my sister had gotten a necklace from my mom, for her birthday, and we were all eyeing it.  My other sister had me try it on because, as she said.....I should be wearing more statement jewelry.  (I think it is supposed to help distract from my size and bring eyes up to my face - not my other body parts....or something like that.  We had a laugh about my really big boobs in the t.v. people shot above ....because they were right there...practically shouting look at me.....front and center, you know?!?)

Anyway, she took my picture...the lighting was funny....I she told me to just take my glasses off and try it again.

Now, let me tell you I have had glasses since the 5th grade.  I switched to contacts in the summer between 8th and 9th grade.  Then, with the addition of numerous babies and life, I transitioned back to wearing just glasses about 6 years ago....when we moved to Georgia.

I have let myself get bolder and bolder in picking out my frames.  It has been fun.  I feel like my glasses show off a piece of my personality before I even open my mouth.

As I have struggled with my self esteem/image, I have toyed around with getting (or trying to get) contacts again.  But, whenever I mention it to my friends, they all say, no.   I can't.  That my glasses are part of what makes and I should keep them.   I wouldn't be Kayla without them.

But, then I saw this picture and for the first time in a very long time....I didn't hate what I saw.  I sort of recognized this girl.  Sort of.

I felt sort of....pretty.

So, what do you think?

Should I try contacts again?  (Honestly, I have astigmatism, so I am not even sure I can "do" contacts again)  Should I stick with my glasses?

Every picture after this one, my sister had me take off my glasses as an experiment.

(Hmmm...maybe it was the statement necklace that made me look good.....)

We even started making my mom take off her glasses for pictures!  How cute is my mom doing the hand on the hip thingie that all the kids are doing in their pictures.  We made her do it, FYI.  Oh, and how adorable is her scarf?

So, what do you think?  Glasses? glasses?

Told you this was a totally shallow post today!