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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Sister, the Idea Girl

I have and older sister, well, a younger one too, but today I am going to focus on my older sister. 

She couldn't stand me for many, many years.  I have to assume she liked me when I was little like here....

Notice how stylish my mom is in this picture.  We were on vacation.  Believe me when I say to you this is NOT what I look like in my family vacation pictures. Comfort is my key word.  Anyway...

I thought she was beautiful and smart.  She had great clothes that I coveted.  She could wear make-up and would spend a lot of time getting her hair just right.  In short, I wanted to be her.  Apparently, this hero worship annoyed her though.  I think if she could have taken out a restraining order on me....she would have. 

Notice that I am in the middle and I didn't even get to steer!  This is where my childhood was spent regardless of the mode of transportation being used.  The middle.  Paddle boat or station wagon.  I got the hump...fine for short trips - but not for road trips....knees in your face and no window to look out or get a breeze from.  Anyway....

Instead, back in the 70's she came up with the idea to have a line (I think it was yarn) down the middle of our room that I WAS NOT TO CROSS...under any circumstances.  Of course, I did and, of course, she was angry.  The nail polish/eye shadow/roll-on deodorant and Loves' Baby Soft perfume...oh, and her Charlie perfume, were just sending me the siren call to come and sample their wears.  We had a rocky childhood together....

I will spare us all the pictures from the awkward teen years....pimples...bad teeth....braces....big collars....bell bottoms....ponchos....I think you get the idea!

Fast forward to when I was about 18.  I got a night time job near the apartment where she was living.  She let me live with her for the summer and even, sleep in the same bed....a very big deal, since when we used to sleep together in our younger years and, well, there is not gentle way to say this..... I used to wet the bed. 

 The way she tells it, I would roll over to her side of the bed to do "my business" and then roll over to my dry side of the bed and sleep in peace!  I have blocked out much of these years, so I cannot vouch for the validity of that statement....but that is what has been reported to me. 

Anyway, I came home from work about the time she left for work, so we didn't really sleep together....but still, considering where our relationship started....this was huge.  I still thought she hung the moon and now she seemed to think I was a little less annoying than I used to be.  She even took "model" shots of me. 

She even had the great idea to use a fan to give us that windswept look!

Fast forward again to us as grown ups.  She is one of my best friends....and I am pretty sure she feels the same way. 

Okay, this is not the best picture of us - but it makes me laugh.  We were on a girls only vacation in London.  I am pretty sure this was all her idea.  This is us and the pigeons of Trafalgar Square....they went a little crazy and we just wanted the picture and be done....they didn't get the hint!  There are also these huge statues of lions in Trafalgar Square that she had the great idea for us to climb up on to have our picture taken...the end result was good - but a lot of unkind butt shots were taken on the way.  I am not going to post those pictures!

My sister is known by those in her close circle as the one with all the great ideas.  If you are having a party - she has got ideas

This one was a Princess Party and it was fun for us grown ups and the kids!

Taking pictures - she has got ideas.  Putting together a scrapbook - she has got ideas.  Doing a puppet show - she has ideas.  Need a new look for your room - she has ideas.  She is super creative and her mind just works in a really clever way.  One of her specialties is treasure hunts.

I'm not sure if this was officially her idea - but she and my mom (who is super crafty and creative) had us do a girls day where we painted these glasses and gave them all names like: Miss Understood; Miss Placed; Miss My Lovin', etc. 

Get the idea? She is the Idea Girl for our family.

We have been telling her for years she should do something with this talent of hers, but the right opportunity never came along.  My younger sister Kandi started a blog, then I started one and now......drum roll older sister has started a blog to share some of her fantastic ideas

Check her out.....Karen's Ideas Galore.

Love you, big sis...sorry about some of the pictures!!!


Kandi said...

I remember sneaking into your bedroom when I was little and putting on YOUR makeup and perfume. Somehow you always caught me...I thought I was so clever...;)

Kayla said...

I remember too! My girls try it now and think they are so sneaky....but I always know. Rainman is oblivious, even when I draw his attention to it.

Unknown said...

Oh.. Now I get to follow all three sisters. I am so glad to have been a part of your lives. The A girls have always been role models to me. From babysitters, sunday school teachers, to pageant girls, even watching you teach my brother piano. Such a great family. Miss you all