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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Prayer is Sitting On God's Lap

We homeschool, so we are able to pray if we want during school hours and even "study" religion.  We are using a new curriculum this year for our oldest...Sonlight....which includes a lot of reading.  So, I am reading aloud some of the subjects to him so he doesn't get too overwhelmed and bored right away.  One of the ones I am reading is about a canabalistic tribe in New Guinea....yuck!  But, he has a small book called Why Pray? by John F. DeVries that I am enjoying much more that people getting their heads chopped off and eaten.

The title for today was Prayer is Sitting in God's Lap.  The author talked about his memories of childhood riding on his grandfather's lap while mowing the lawn....even feeling relaxed enough to fall asleep.  It brought back memories for me of snowmobiling with my dad....not on his lap but riding in front of him...keeping my hands warm in two holes in the dashboard that were near the engine and, yes, falling asleep on his poor arms.  I felt safe and warm even as we zoomed around Minnesota in the winter.

But the best part of today's lesson was one I really needed to hear.  You have read about how tired I am in past posts because of my cute little baby.  So many times, I crawl into bed in a stupor and not very coherent.  I usually....usually remember to pray.....but many, many times, I fall asleep before I get past the God bless so and so part.  But here is what this book said to me today...

If you sometimes fall asleep in prayer while you are "sitting on God's lap", don't worry or feel as if you've disappointed God.  If your Father needs you, He will wake you.  Your quiet heart is a joy to Him.  Prayer is meant to involve the same delight a little child feels on a grandfather's lap - and so much security that you might drift off to sleep!

Isn't that awesome!!!  I really, really needed that encouragement today....maybe some of you needed it too!


Jill said...

That is so beautiful! I always worry because, so often, I fall asleep during my prayers. It always makes me feel so guilty. Thank you so much for sharing this, Kayla.

Kandi said...

I like that. I especially believe he will wake you if he needs you. I'm sure Dad will comment about being awakened in the night to pray!

I've started praying in the mornings because it's a "centering" way to start my day and I don't fall asleep but now it's hard to find quiet time between the dog and the girls! ;)

Alex said...

Ok, where have I been and how did I miss your latest posts??? I loved this post today, I needed to hear this too. And refering to your older post, please do look out for the fire ants. They are nasty lil' guys. And those bites last for a long time don't they!