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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Noah's Ark

Don't anybody move!!!

We visited a wild animal shelter/zoo thingie recently (where I was bitten by fire ants in the previous post), so I thought I would share a few pictures of our day.

First of all the good is free.  They just ask for donations, if you are able.

The bad news is....some of the animals roam freely....see the above picture. 

Okay, it really isn't bad news....but the boys were making me nervous with the llamas....they just kept creeping closer and can't really tell from the picture, but that little green you see peeking out from between the two redheads is my 5 year old boy.

Here he is with his cousin who was in town visiting us.  I kept envisioning the llama doing something and the big guys reacting quickly and my little guy caught....but really  nothing happened....I don't think they even spit at the boys....quite patient really for llamas.

The really dangerous animals, lions, tigers, bears, monkeys....they kept in enclosures.

The most fun of the day though was the ostriches.

They are really cool to see up close and personal.  They have long eyelashes and big Vegas showgirl type wings that they kept flapping up and down as they walked.  Dye them blue and put Rosemary Clooney and that other girl with the nice legs behind them and get ready for "Sisters....sisters....never were there such devoted sisters...."  Anyway, suffice it to say, they were awesome up close.....but the most fun I think we had that day is when they would "chase" the kids back and forth along the fence.

It was fun and if you ever get to the North Georgia area,check out Noah's Ark. 


Jill said...

Love the pictures and your description of the ostrich! I can just hear the music and see the chorus line!

Kandi said...

Ha! "Sisters...sisters". AWESOME movie. You know it's one of my all-time faves.

Looks like you had fun (other than the fire ants). I, too, think ostriches are very cool. I want to ride one like Swiss Family Robinson. Remember the race they had????