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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One Year Photo Shoot

My sister's baby and mine are about 2 weeks apart.  My sister was my official photographer until we moved south.  So, since we are in a budget crunch, I have now become my children's official photographer.  My sister's one year photo shoot of her baby turned out like this

Here is how mine turned out. 

Okay, I guess this isn't too bad....a little fuzzy though.

Here is what I think is the best one...

It is the closest I got to her real smile all day.

I got a lot of this kind of shot....

And this kind....

It is now almost a month since she actually turned 1.  I took these last week - mid September.  It was about 5:00 p.m. and about 90 degrees.  My knees were killing me I just can't squat - worth squat anymore.  So I was cranky, kind of like this...

We were both done at this point.  I was mad....disappointed and just thinking, shoot, I am going to have to try this again.  The bad thing is....well, my fuzzy photography for one...but when she turned 1, she only had 2 teeth.  She now has 6. 

The most frustrating thing is that she is the happiest, goofiest kid around and refused to show it in any of these shots.  She just kept walking around the yard and would barely even have eye contact with me.  Normally, she will look you deep in the eye as though trying to convey some deep message....but not on picture day. 

Nope.  Nada.  Nothing.  The dead grass was much more interesting.

No smiles.  Not even any adorable shots of her looking at me with her big blue eyes.

Oh, Kandi, I miss you so!!!  When V-Girl is old and asks why there are no pictures of her like there are of the other kids, I will just tell her it is all your fault.  You wouldn't move to Georgia with me!!!


Kandi said...

Ohhh, they ARE cute! But I know how frustrating it can be when you have the idea in your head but it doesn't turn out the way you wanted!!!

My first question about your camera: did you have it on the baby setting? Since you don't have a DSLR, go into your menu and find the baby setting and see if that helps with the quick movements she makes. Otherwise a prop might get her to sit still longer so you can take some pics...a baby doll, a chair, a pumpkin...anything that captures her attention so she HOLDS STILL!!! ;)

You could also have her sit sideways on one of the older kids' laps and zoom in close (while cropping them out)...that way she won't walk off when you push the button.

I think you should try one more time if it cools down a bit...sit on your butt on the ground if it's hard to squat - that's what I do. It's best to be at their level :)

Don't worry about her having 6 teeth instead of 2! I'm sure you've got plenty of pics with just 2 teeth!


Kandi said...

One more thing...I took my pics at sunset with the sun hitting her at a 45 degree angle so it wouldn't shine right in her eyes (see the shadow of the chair on the grass). It's GREAT lighting and really warms up skin tone. Just an FYI...

Jill said...

I think every one of the pictures is adorable! Thanks for sharing them, Kayla.

Alex said...

Well I think she looks awful cute!!! And she'll love the story behind her fuzzy photos with a fussy face.