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Thursday, September 16, 2010


I call my husband Rainman....have since we started dating.  It actually works for him in two ways.  The first, most obvious way, is because he is a meteorologist or in real people terms, a weatherman.  But, really that is NOT why I started calling him Rainman.

He is probably the smartest person that I know in real life.  I found out early on that he can do weird math calculations in his head....really quickly.  A little bit like the Dustin Hoffman character in the movie Rainman.  Remember from the movie, when the box of toothpicks spilled on the ground and he says something like "1,382 toothpicks....definitely, 1,382 toothpicks" and he was right?  That is the kind of stuff my Rainman can do!  Annoying sometimes?  Yes.  Helpful sometimes?  Definitely.  Grocery store comparing prices per ounce.  Sale items when you need to figure out percentage discounts.  The tip on your restaurant bill.  You get the idea.

Rainman and I met through a dating service.  It was a matchmaking service, not a video one, or the more modern on-line options there are now.  The one we used was supposedly for marriage minded individuals and not ones that were just looking to "hook up" -if that is what the kids are calling it these days.  ;) I was his first (and last) date.  He was my 11th (and not my last) date.

Here he is shortly before I met him. He is holding his nephew.

Cute, huh? 

Only thing is....I didn't think he was very cute when we first met....he had those muscles well hidden.  The swim cap is also hiding his almost white-blond anchor man hair cut. 

Yeah, I know....kind of shallow.  What he was, however, was really, really nice to me.  We talked and talked on our first date and had to be encouraged by the wait staff at Baker's Square to leave, as they were trying to close.

I continued to be set up with guys through the dating service after our first date.  He did not.  After I started comparing all the new guys to Rainman, and they always fell short, I decided that I should probably give him a chance, anchorman hair and all.

He was on a softball team and, at the end of the season - probably about 1 or 2 months into us dating - he hosted a pool party.  I did not then....nor do I now...swim in front of strangers (although looking back at my "then" body, I should have been swimming and doing all sorts of things in front of strangers!)  Anyway, since I was not going to be swimming with these strangers, I took up residence in the lawn chairs with some of the other wives to watch the fun.  I had my sunglasses on when Rainman took his shirt off and jumped into the pool.....Oh. My. Goodness.  Where did that come from?  See, he has a very slim build, but, apparently, he was all muscle underneath his nerdy work clothes.  And, I do mean nerdy.  Really.

I thought I was only having this epiphany inside of my head, but apparently, I wasn't as calm, cool and collected as I thought, because one of the wives next to me looked at me and said, "Haven't you seen those abs before?"

No, I hadn't.  I also hadn't seen the biceps, the triceps, the pecs, the gluts.... 

His nerdy exterior was hiding the body of a stud!!!  Who knew?

Well, fast forward and we married about a year and a half later.

It has not always been easy, but it has been filled with adventures.  He is a "City Boy" raised near Chicago and I am a "Country Girl" (although admittedly, the older I get the more I like my City-fied vs. tents, for example)

In looking for pictures for this post, I had a hard time finding ones of him alone - we have lots of kids, you, I will just show you a few of him being what he is.....a great dad.....

This one is him with our oldest when we visited a dairy farm.  I was proud of my City Boy that day because even though he was nervous around all things country - he tried stuff and encouraged our son too.

He does not like being the center of attention nor is he a dancer.  That is why this next picture makes me smile.  They were the only two on the dance floor and people we didn't know were taking pictures because they were doing "fancy dancin" as my daughter called it with many spins and swirls involved.

His job has enabled us to travel a lot to places like....




I won't post pictures of everywhere....but we have been some cool places, like the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany,  Switzerland, Italy, California, Maine, New Hampshire, name just some of them, and now we are in Georgia.

In addition to loving our actual children, he is a great "fake dad" to the kids that we watch.  He loves them and they love him.

And all of this has been  with someone that I never would have picked on my own.    That is why I always tell people you don't always "know" right away.  I did NOT think my husband has cute at all when I first met him.   He didn't have the things on "my list", if you know what I mean.

And, you know what?  I would have missed out....big time!  Is our marriage perfect?  Nope.  Do I sometimes think I am crazy for marrying him? Yup.  Does he have irritating habits?  Yup. 


What I do have is a Godly husband, who is a great father (even to kids that don't belong to us), a great provider (especially now that I am not bringing in much money), and a great adventurer who is always planning our next trip!  I would not miss this ride with him for the world....irritating habits and all.

Hey, quick, Rainman.....what is 23% of $234?  Just kidding....but, really, by the time you read this sentence, he will have it figured out even if I don't actually need that information! 


Jill said...

Wow, Kayla! I have so many thoughts on this latest entry of yours.

I love the story of how you and Rainman met. Who knew! And who knew he had all of those muscles. Not I!

You were a stunning bride. No surprise there but you did take my breath away.

I had NO idea you've traveled so much. How I wish I had known when you lived here...I would have asked you a million quetions.

I so admire you and your family. Love just radiates from all of you. Thanks for sharing your beautiful stories...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Kayla. Great post!

Alex said...

Awww, this was a sweet post. I also had a hesitation at first when I met my hubby. I was chubby, and he was a toothpick! He had just returned from a deployment and weighed a whopping 135 pounds (I was, um, heavier than that). He was military, which back then meant he was BROKE. He was country, had poor grammar, his apartment was a dive and disgustingly dirty, he had never eaten sushi nor drank red wine. I was like, OMGosh I am way too sophisticated for this guy. But he was so persistent and so sweet...he won me over. Now I realize how incredibly blind I was to what really matters. How totally skewed my requirements were.

Aren't we lucky that something told us to NOT listen to ourselves??? I adore my husband, and he's gained 40 pounds and LOVES sushi and red wine. lol... And I've learned to like venison and riding around in his truck. It just all works out...

Kandi said...

I liked this post! It brought back many fun memories and stories. He's a regular Mr. Muscles!!! :)