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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Well, I have taken so long to do a post on D-Man that, I think his feelings are hurt!

So, here are a few shots of my first born.

He is a little crazy, like his momma. I like that about him.

Although, anybody that knows me, knows that I would never jump off a diving board like this....or with photographic documentation!

He is a really, really good big brother.

This is him doing school work while holding his baby sister.  I did not give her to him.  He went and got her, on his own.  I tried taking her away so he could "concentrate", but he refused. 

I wish I could have done school while holding a cute little baby!  Well, not my own baby or anything - but, hey, a sister or someone, you betcha!

Here is one of all my "little angels"....doesn't he look really, really, excited to be there?

I asked him really nicely if he would do this for me.  He looked at me like I was crazy.  Went and plopped himself in one of the waiting chairs.  Thought about it.  And, agreed to pose for this shot last Christmas.  He agreed to wear wings, but no halo, and I didn't even have to promise him a cell phone or new video game!  What a guy!

He just started playing baseball last spring.  He played the last game at the state tournament with a broken thumb, unbeknowst....(is that how that is spelled???) us.  They came in 2nd.

But, he didn't let that stop him from playing again this fall.  Now he is even trying a new position.  One that makes it hard for his momma to recognize him.

No broken bones!!! Praise the Lord!

My first born is smart, a little shy (at first), hustles at baseball games AND practices, helps out around the house (only when asked) and, generally, makes me smile. 

I will leave you with a shot of him doing an impersonation of ME.

To help put this in a little better perspective, this is me right just after giving birth to V-girl.

And this.....drum roll my me!

V-Girl cracks me up in this one.  She is old enough there to be thinking "What in the world?"

Gotta love him!


Jill said...

Oh my word! He looks just like you, Kayla! I love it. This was a wonderful tribute to an obviously wonderful boy. I can't believe how he's grown since you all left. Thanks for sharing the love.

Kandi said...

Heh heh, heh! That last shot is classic! Too his sense of humor. And the one of him holding baby V...SO SWEET!