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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Should I Be My Own Boss?

My sister is starting a brand new job and I told her that I knew they would love her because every employer we have had has loved us.  We are hard workers.  We are nice.  We are helpful.  We usually go way above and beyond what is in our job description.  But this got me to thinking....about my "job" at home. 

My house is a mess.  Yes, all of us are here, living in it, for most of the 24 hours in a day since we homeschool.  But, really, sometimes it is ridiculous how messy it is.  I have tried to have a schedule.  I have tried to assign chores.  I have tried to have special days for things like laundry, bathrooms, mopping.  I will admit that I am rarely behind in laundry though.  Woot woot!

But nothing has really stuck.  So we all kind of stumble along until I get another scheme to try.  I got to thinking about my performance reviews and various bosses that I have worked for and, really, not to brag, but everyone thought I was great.  When I would leave a job to take another, I was always asked to stay.  Always.

I am fairly sure that if I were being evaluated on my homekeeping skills...I would NOT be asked to stay on. I would be bid a fond farewell and asked not to include their names on my reference list.

Which got me to thinking....was I only a great worker because I got positive feedback from people?  Was I really NOT a hard worker - but someone just desperate for praise?!?

I had never thought of it that way before.  But, it just might be true.  Otherwise, why would my house be a mess?  Why would I rather read a book or make a batch of cookies than clean?

So that got me to thinking....Could I fool myself by being my own boss?  I could under-promise and over-deliver and have a great clean, organized house!  Sadly, I think I am smarter than that.  I don't think I would be fooled.

Oh, well, perhaps I should stop thinking so much and just start cleaning.....