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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Well, It Finally Happened...


It has happened.

If you read my post about receiving the Stylish Blogger Award and the list of things I shared about myself, you know that I have been walking 3 times a week for a while now.  Many times my neighbor comes with me.  She works from home, so we usually go on her morning break.  Well, this week, she called and told me her morning had gotten crazy, so she couldn't go in the morning, but if I would wait for her, she could go around lunch time.  So, I waited.  Then, she called and said that work was still crazy and she couldn't get away.

Oh, I was tempted to not walk. 

Really, really, tempted. 

But, it was a beautiful day and Rainman was home.  So, I thought, well, why don't we all go for a walk.  The two big girls decided to ride their bikes along with us.  A-man wanted to ride his also, but he is a crazy driver and I didn't trust him on our busy street.  So, we decided to take a stroller and the Burley.  That way all 3 of the little kids could ride if and when they wanted to and nobody would have to carry them or listen to their whining about being tired.

It started out great.  We walked.  The big girls would ride ahead and then loop back to us, but I could see them the whole time.  So, not too stressful.  Rainman and D-Man walked side by side and talked baseball.  I brought up the rear pushing the stroller with S-Girl inside.

A little ways up our street we heard a mower.  Rainman commented about how funny it was to hear a mower in February.  As we got closer to the mower, we ended up lining up single file and kind of parading past.  As I got to the yard, the older man who was mowing gave me a little wave and shut off his mower.

Oh, I thought, some Southern hospitality!!!  Maybe he will invite us in for a sweet tea or a mint julep!

His opening comment?

"Oh, you got all the grandkids visiting, huh?"



I apparently look like a grandmother.

We went on to have a fairly pleasant conversation and finish our walk.  I don't remember too much of it because I was a little distracted thinking about my rocking chair waiting for me back home.

Rainman has been through this before.  When A-man was about one, he took him with him to a meeting at church.  When she saw him come in, the secretary asked him how old his grandson was.  But, I really didn't think it would happen to me. 

We got home and were laughing about it and A-man - my little sweetheart - said....

 "I don't know why that man thought you were a Grandma, don't have short, curly hair or a wrinkly face."

I was telling a group of people about this story last night and saying, how amazing it was that A-man sort of stood up for me.  I told them that usually he is the one who tells me that I don't look good in something or that I am fat....or in his words, fluffy.

My pastor offered a little pastorly wisdom and said it was probably a case of "It's okay if I do it...but don't you talk bad about MY momma!"

So, I am off to keep growing out my hair (its only been about 15 months since I had a cut), slather on some Anew face cream and I might just call that 800 number for the LifeStyle Lift thingy that "only take about an hour"!