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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

They're Baaaaack......

I never even watched Poltergeist.....but I still hear that little girl's creepy statement in my head.

This isn't a post about all things creepy and scary for Halloween.

But, to share this little picture with you....

Our mismatched sock collection.
Rainman is our resident sock put-er together-er.  And he got frustrated about 2 days ago, and laid them out on our floor.  I walked in and stopped dead in my tracks.
I then, of course, called to the children to bring me my camera to document how crazy this is.
The funny thing is....they are still there....because, as Rainman said, "I am trying to make a point with the kids."
I hate to break it to him.....but I don't think there is any point being made....other than now the floor of our bedroom looks just as bad as the children's bedrooms!
Gotta admire a guy that tries....and cares about socks, right?
Or is that just weird?!?