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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Samson's Classroom

I don't know about you, but when I hear the name, Samson.  I think of Samson and Delilah from the Bible.  You know....strong guy.....with great hair....weakness for a bad girl....gets his hair cut off....loses the girl.....destroys the temple. 

I have always pictured Samson as a sort of Bible times Fabio....(helps me when I have a picture in my head.)

But, I digress, this is not a post about Samson/Fabio.

It is a post about....

Samson, the dog who wears a sweatsuit.

This is an on-line program with games called, Samson's Classroom.

He helps your kids learn their.....

No numbers.

This is a fun game/program.

It uses games to teach all these things.  It is funny.  Sneaky, clever, silly.

But, through all the fun and games helps you master 224 sight words and over 7,000 spelling words.  Although, I can type in our actual spelling lists for them to use also.  I did both.  When I wanted S-girl to work on some specific sight words, I entered my own list for her to work on.  For A-man, I have just been using the built in word lists.

Take a look at what some of  what Samson has to offer.

The problem is, A-man sometimes gets things wrong just to see the funny stuff that happens to Samson.

S-girl is such a good, little, rule follower (like her mother) that she never gets things wrong on purpose.  She just stands over A-man's shoulder and enjoys the fruits of his incorrect labors!

There is a spider game that I tried and failed at miserably.  You are suppose to have Samson run around and gather up the letters to use to spell your words.  You use the left and right arrows to make him move.  I was never able to get far at all without the spider catching me and rolling me up in his web.  S-girl had the same problem as me.  A-man, on the other hand, after a few times of being caught was able to successfully evade the big, ugly spider.

The good news for S-girl and I is that once you are caught, the spider leaves and doesn't come Samson gets out of the web and just continues to gather letters.  I found it much more peaceful to just let myself get caught and move on.

There are karate games....where Samson uses all kinds of cool weapons (nunchucks, anyone?) in addition to his hands to break through boards if you get words correct.  If you get it wrong, he smacks his head or his hand into the board.....unsuccessfully.  We find this waaaaaay too funny.  Once again, guess who will sometimes get things wrong just so he can have a good laugh?

He thinks it is really cool that he is working towards his black belt!

This is an entertaining program for sure.  It does seem to be teaching the kids.  There are even worksheets and lesson plans that you can print out to have the kids have a more hands-on approach and less "screen time".  I am not a huge fan of a lot of computer games....even the educational ones.  But, I have to admit, I had a hard time hating this one.  They surprised me and made me laugh too many times for me to feel negatively about them.....even if it is computer school!

I am a little worried that A-man gets things wrong on purpose.....but, A-man is....ummmm.....entertaining.

It is cute.  It is fun.  The Reading Comprehension section is a little too hard for S-girl right now as she really is a beginning reader....but, it will be there when she is ready.

This is a program that I haven't just watched the kids play.  I do it too.....(okay, I like to see what Samson will do next too)....even if he looks like this....

and not like....

(Doesn't it feel like he is looking right at you???)

You can try Samson's Classroom out a few ways.  Have your kids try out some of their games for free without committing to a thing.  Or, if my glowing recommendation gave you the courage to jump right in.....A single membership is $30 per year....or, what we have, the Family Membership, is just $50 for 4 kids, per year.

See what the other TOS Crew members thought of Samsons Classroom with Samson, the dog....not Samson/Fabio.

Disclaimer:  We received access to Samson's Classroom for free, in exchange for an honest review.