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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Look At Us!

We watched the debate as a family.

I wanted to put this one in, so you can see A-man lounging in his cardboard box (over by the fireplace) the exact same position as Rainman.

I was so proud of us.  I was thinking things in my head, like:

"Aren't we an awesome family?" 

"Don't I have smart, informed children?" 

"Wow....we are such great parents!"

Then, L-girl came over to me and said, "None of this makes sense."

Then, A-man, admitted he was bored and was just watching so he could stay up late.

Then, I noticed A-girls hand on the mouse and saw that she was trolling Pinterest!

I think S-girl and V-girl just used the debates as snuggle time with Rainman and I.

D-man did pay attention....and after I kicked her off of did A-girl.

So, we shall see if I have any highly intellectual conversations with my children today on the debate, the economy, tax plans, or even possible lies told by the candidates.

I probably won't....but a mother can dream, can't she?