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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kinderbach - A Homecoming Celebration

Do you remember what Kinderbach is?

It is a beginning piano instruction program that the kids got to try last year.

My kids were super excited that this was coming back to our household.

Now that D-man is learning guitar and A-girl is learning violin....I have a few more little people wanting to jump on the musical instrument band wagon....(pun intended).

I still have visions of our whole family....well most of us....(sorry, Rainman).....being musical.   Right now, we have have violin, electric guitar, and, of course, now we are working on keyboard/piano.

This program is designed for ages 3 to about 7.  So, V-girl, S-girl and A-man have been trying this out.  V-girl did not get to try this program last time around.  But, she is really excited that, "she gets to play with Dodi!" this time.  I will say that it is still a bit above V-girls head....but she isn't getting we are plugging along with Dodi and friends.

We do about 3 lessons a week....but we aren't even close to the end of what this program offers.

They have 60 weeks of lessons (240 on-line video lessons) included in this program.....with 4 lessons per level available.  So, we don't quite finish a level in a week.

But, since I shared with you last time what you would find in the beginning levels of Kinderbach, I thought I would show you a bit of what you find at the later levels when your student has a bit more music knowledge under their belts.

First let me remind you that Kinderbach teaches the names of the notes by using fun little characters...Like, Dodi, the donkey who lives in a house between the two black keys....remember?

By the time you have gotten through these lessons, you will have learned all 8 notes and their characters.  Here is a little look at them:

They will also know the different clef signs and what they mean. 

May I introduce the musical stylings of Mrs. Treble Clef and Mr. Bass Clef?

Along with all of these fun, silly little lessons.  There are hands on activities (in addition to actually playing on the keyboard) to help solidify their understanding of written music and what all the symbols mean.

Do you remember the "Beat Bugs" from last time?  They are my favorite characters....they are cute....and make me laugh....and I've been told that they have a heart of gold.  Winking smile

Here is one of the activities where you match up the Beat Bugs with their note equivalent.

One thing I noticed as we worked through these lessons (last time and this time) is that A-man started to think this was a "little kid" program and sort of girly...for some reason.

As I was researching some of the later lessons on my own, since the kids aren't there yet, I was happy to discover some definite "guy friendly" stuff like this....Football Fingers....

I think I may give him a sneak peak, just in case he needs a little added motivation to keep on with his Kinderbach lessons.

I still believe that this is a great option for beginning music/piano lessons for the kids.  I don't know about you, but I already drive the kids around to a lot of stuff....and I don't really want to add piano lessons onto that.

Remember, you can try Kinderbach out for free before you make your final decision. Don't miss out on at least giving it a try....(especially you mothers out there who are trying to live musical dreams of your own through your children)!

Kinderbach is a way to get some of the basic music learning done at home for a lot less money than driving your kids across town for lessons.  You can subscribe and get access to Kinderbach for $7.99/month or you can go ahead and buy the DVD/CD package for $40.45 (in case you have slow or no internet available).  

But, there is one other new way you can invite Kinderbach into your home.  Something that you high tech people might find exciting.  There is a new Kinderbach App for I-pad and I-phones. 

We don't have any of that high tech stuff....but I can see how it would be great because then you could sit right at your keyboard with your device and do the lessons.   (For us, we do the lessons upstairs on the computer and then take our activity/book pages down to the piano to try stuff out)

Take a look and see what other TOS Crew member thought of Kinderbach.  Some of them got to try the new Kinderbach, if you have more high tech equipment than I do, make sure and check out what they thought!

Disclaimer:  We received access to Kinderbach for 6 months, for free, in exchange for an honest review.