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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A-Man is Ummmm....Entertaining.....

Today's post will be a bit of random stuff all related to A-man and  his special ways of keeping our family entertained.

He has kept his teeth in his head a lot longer than I thought he would.....if you know what I mean?  Actually, his top teeth have been quite stubborn and we were a bit worried they would never fall out.

Once he got one of them loosened.....he was sort of trying not to lose it....since it succeeded in getting him lots of attention.  Most especially the squealing, "gross!" from his sisters and various other females of his acquaintance.

Can't you just see the glee in his face!

He tried this old trick....

...but then chickened out.

It finally gave up after a good, looooong fight.....and fell out.....while he was drinking a glass of water.

Then, A-man carefully carried his tooth upstairs and put it on his dresser so he would be ready to put it under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy later that night.

Here is a copy of the letter he left her.

He cracks me up.  He was soooooo careful walking it upstairs.....oh, well.

This is the way this boy does school.  Not for the whole day....but at least a few times a day I will glance over and see this!

(I assume this is his "thinking" pose....since I am pretty sure that you cannot write with your hands holding your weight because your feet are hooked on the back of the chair!)

Or this....plain old standing.....

Apparently actually sitting in chairs to waaaay too boring for this guy.  Can  I just say I am glad we homeschool?  He would be in such trouble in public school!

And here is a recent example of one of his school projects.  He was asked to draw a picture of Noah and the ark...and some pairs of animals.

Let me explain a bit to you. The guys with the long necks are giraffes.  Next to and above them are the of which is holding on to Noah.  Along the bottom, we have turtles, and lions.  There are bumblebees just above the turtles.  Now above the bees you have things that look like 9s, Ps, Ds, and Bs.....lower case.....these are next to and around the birds in the sky.

Here.....look again, so you don't have to keep scrolling up.

Know what they are?  Those are.....Hummingbirds......get it?

Now, this next item....I didn't even notice right away.  See the little guy floating in the water on the left....right about where it says Teacher Check?  Any guesses?

That, my friends, is a unicorn....that was late....and, missed the boat.

And to finish up....remember our beloved Scruble Cube?

Well, someone left it on the floor....then someone else tripped over it....and it exploded...all over the place.

Thanks to A-man.....the Scruble Cube was able to share some last words.....

I am sorry....but, I think you have just got to love this kid, don't you???