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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Little More Trouble....Part Two

I know.  I have been doing a lot of posts about V-Girl lately....for good reason....she has been really busy.  I mean, really, really busy.

I told you about how she now climbs over our safety gate to get

I told you there was one other thing she had recently conquered but I hadn't been able to actually catch her in the act....

Well, it all started when she would just mysteriously start showing up....when she was supposed to be somewhere else.

Here she the act....

First, start with someone unhappy to be in their bed.

And, last, but not least....

Deceivingly innocent looking, happy faced, girl!

Here she is one recent morning after getting out of bed....obviously before she was really ready to be up for the day!!!

She slept there for about an hour....with me warning others as they woke up not to kick their sister in the head on their way down!
Something must be done.