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Thursday, May 8, 2014

A-girl's Birthday

A-girl is 14!  Gasp.  Choke.

Our birthday traditions around here have had to morph and change with the size of our family.  For birthdays, the whole family used to go out to the restaurant of the birthday girl/boy's choice.  But, as our family grew, that option became much more unaffordable.  So, now, the kids pick just Rainman or I to go out for a special meal.  I have to be honest here, Rainman is usually the parent chosen for these excursions (probably because he gets to spend a lot less time with the kids than I do).  This year, I was chosen for all the April birthdays (I think they felt sorry for me!)

On our way to the best burger place in town!  Don't you love A-girl's cat eye make-up thingie she has going on?

Then, it was home for presents.  A-man, as usual, gave a thoughtful gift of One Direction trading cards.

S-girl took a page from V-girl's book and "shopped on her floor", plus she made her a little yarn popsicle stick butterfly.

D-man strayed from his usual "coupon" for time spent with him and actually spent some $$$$$$ on new ear buds for her.

L-girl and A-girl got a few combined/shared birthday gifts this year.   Their first one was tickets for the 3 of us to go see Legally Blonde:  The Musical at our local community theater.

Have you tried this frosting yet?  We tried it for the first time with A-girl's cake.  You get this plain container for frosting and then......

.....add your flavor mix.  A-girl picked caramel.  It was honestly super yummy.  It didn't even taste very artifical....even though it obviously is.

She chose chocolate cake with caramel frosting.  She likes me to surprise her with decorations.  She still loves Peeps, so, as you can see, I went really fancy with my decorations.

Happy birthday by beautiful young lady.