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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Smart Phone - Part 2

Okay, thank you one and all for your input.  As my friend, Kristy put it....switching to a smart phone is apparently somewhat inevitable.

But, I still have fears.

Fears that I will become one of "those" people.

Those people that are on their phones when driving their cars, when at a restaurant with their family, when they are in their living rooms with their church.....or what I have seen lately....when they are at a theme park with their family.


I have seen person after person....mother after mother....father after father.......playing games on their phones instead of watching their kids have fun.  Honestly, I have seen it not just in the waiting lines, but in the actual events and shows.  Lights go down and they just slump closer to their phones so they can see their game.

Did they not pay attention to how much the tickets cost them?!?  Did they not see their kid turning around to see if mom and dad were looking!

I worry.

I worry because...what if once, they were me.  What if they didn't used to have a smart phone and now can't seem to put it down?

I have seen it happen a little bit with D-man (who does have a smart phone) and A-girl (who has an iPod - that can do a whole lot more than I thought it could).  I will look up during a family movie night and they are both sitting there heads bent over their devices.

My new catch phrase is "Put down your device.

Maybe I should change the name of my blog......

Anyway - keep your advice coming - because I probably will have to take the plunge...I am just not going to be super happy about it (at first)....and hopefully not too happy about it later (because that means I will have turned into one of the smart phone zombies I see walking around.