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Monday, October 12, 2015

V-girl Funny Before Trip Talk

I will start getting you in the loop on our trip, but this one cracked me up, so I decided to share it with you too.

We were sitting around last night getting caught up on The Voice that we missed when we were gone.

V-girl had been talking and being shushed a lot, so I wrote her a note about whatever she had talked about most recently.

Then a few minutes later, I get this note:

So, for those of you that can't read 1st is what she wrote....

V-girl - Can I snugai with you (which translates to - can I snuggle with you?)

Me - Yes!  But I have to finish my ice cream first (Yes - I am starting a new eating plan - so that was my last, I need the calcium....right?)

V-girl - Ok   4 minits (Translation - Okay, I am giving you 4 minutes to finish)

I whispered back that it might take me a little longer than 4 minutes to finish, but I would let her know as soon as I was done.

A few minutes later, she passes the note back to me with the final statement written there.

V-girl - If you are Done Blood is comeing out of my foot.  (Pretty sure you can get that one on your own)

Too funny.

She had apparently scratched a scab a little too hard.  Nothing serious.

So, I put on a Band-Aid, she and I snuggled for a while.  Now, if you know me at all, you know this about me....

I was in for the night.

So, a little further into the show, I see V-girl disappear down the hall trailing something white behind her.  Then, she reappeared like this:

Yes, she is pregnant by my bra.  LOL

Trip updates start tomorrow....I promise.  I have LOTS to tell!  And, A-girl will be happy because I have lots of pictures too!