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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What We Really Did on Monday

We had to be home from our time away by 10:00 a.m. on our anniversary.  So, on our actual anniversary, we really taught 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 8th grade.  We babysat adorable 9 month old twin baby girls.  And, we also went to a Key Club induction ceremony.

Have you heard of Key club.  I hadn't until D-man and A-girls school started a chapter.  It is part of the Kiwanis Clubs.  In simple terms, they are basically a service oriented volunteer organization.

Their school started a Key Club at the end of last year, so their official induction ceremony was this fall.  It was scheduled for the night of our anniversary.  We decided that since A-man's baseball game was cancelled, that we could all attend the ceremony and then we could pop over to a Mexican restaurant that we had a gift card for, for a family anniversary celebration.

D-man and A-girl had to be there early, so they took the car and we met them there later with the van.  When we arrived, we saw both A-girl and D-man buzzing around.  Busy with stuff, not just chatting.  I was pretty sure D-man was some sort of officer, but honestly couldn't quite remember which one.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you are looking at your child and you can't quite figure out what was going on....where this kid has been in the world they got so good at something?

Let me just say this about D-man, he has always been super smart.  Always.  Super smart. Homeschooled.  Non-homeschooled.  His brain just works in a way where he can remember and fit together all the stuff he needs to know to get it right on tests.

He has also always been a pretty funny and clever guy, but as he has gotten older, and more mature, I could see him quieting down and picking and choosing his times to be funny.  It is a good thing.  It is a mature thing.

Well, it turns out that  D-man is actually president of his chapter of Key Club, which means the bulk of the induction ceremony duties were on him.  He was basically the Master of Ceremonies behind the microphone.

He is a really good public speaker.

Who knew?

He spoke clearly.  He had inflection.  He looked around at his audience.  He made a few jokes.  He basically had command of the stage.

I sat there thinking....who is this kid?  I just didn't know he had this little piece of him in there.  The local head of the Kiwanis club spoke and shared part of his earlier conversation with my son.  It is interesting to hear what other people think about your "people".  It was interesting to hear what D-man had shared  with him.

A-girl also holds an office.  She is the fundraising coordinator.  Neither of us are completely sure what that means yet, but I know she will do awesome.  She is determined to do her best in absolutely everything she tackles.  So....look out world.

Side note:  A-girl has been eyeing one of the skirts in my closet for awhile now.  It is a skirt that hasn't fit me in forever, but has made all the moves with us because I can't quite let go of it.  She asked if she could possibly wear it to the induction ceremony.  I said yes.

The funny thing is....well....I guess in my mind there are 2 funny things.  The first funny thing is that I remember thinking I was big (fat) at the time I used to wear this skirt...but I wore it all the time.  It was my date outfit.  I wore it with this rust colored scoop necked t-shirt.  I had a lot of dates, so I wore it a lot.  The second funny thing is that both Rainman and I are pretty sure I actually wore it on our first date....20 something years ago......exactly.

Awwwww......or Ewwwww......depending on your outlook.  Emoji

Anyway, the induction ceremony went great.  We realized, at one point,  that A-man and D-man were wearing the same basic outfit.

D-man and A-girl finished up their duties and off we went to the Mexican restaurant....but it was closed.  Cones blocking the parking lot kind of closed.  Boo.

Luckily, there is another Mexican place nearby since we were all wanting chips/salsa (but we didn't have a gift card) - we decided to live dangerously and go anyway - because it was $1.00 taco night!  Yay!

Rainman and I both decided we would get a margarita in honor of our anniversary.  This place has them in like 5 different sizes....colossal, monster, jumbo, large, and regular....or something like that. Well, Rainman ordered a large and told me to get a I did.  (Peer pressure: apparently I am still susceptible.)

Oh, my was practically larger than my head!  Can you even imagine with the colossal or monster sizes are?!?!?

Don't worry, I wasn't driving and I didn't finish it!  It was yummy though...I could have just had that and my chips and salsa and been a happy woman.

It was a good anniversary and I am glad we got to do something special with the kids too.  Strange to think back to both our first date and the day I married Rainman.... and see what has become of see the 6 little people that have entered the world because of us....because of our first date at Baker's Square....because I said yes to a second date....because I agreed to marry this guy.....God is amazing, isn't He?