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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fun New Yard Sale Beds

A while back, I got S-girl and V-girl new beds from a yard sale.  It was actually a moving sale and she posted stuff on a local FB page.  I went for the lamps and foot stools and got those AND these babies!  

I think they might be IKEA beds.  I love them because they are sleek and modern and have a sort of retro tree design on the headboard.  The previous owner also attached reading lights right to the headboard (but we haven't gotten those to work yet - I am hoping we just need a different light bulb).

The bedding came with (including cute sheets and the round bolster pillow thingie) and the comforter is reversible.

They are totally adorable.

It hasn't completely solved the messy room problem, but, it has helped....the bed anyway....the floor still gets pretty bad!

Here is a look at the striped side of the comforters and what the design on the headboard looks like....oh, and the Beanie Babies.

You can see my beautiful S-girl and the built in headboard light that will be completely awesome when I figure out how to get it to actually work!

I apparently haven't taken a picture of my footstools and lamps yet - so I will get on that - because they are completely awesome!