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Monday, October 5, 2015

V-girl Turned 6....

V-girl turned 6 back at the end of August and I neglected to fill you in.

As has been the case lately, any family birthday is done in fits and starts - because we are all moving in different directions these days.  School activities, jobs, and just life, make it much more difficult to get cake and presents and all that jazz done on the same day....much less all on the actual birthday.  So, we managed to get presents done before Rainman went to work.

 This next picture makes me happy.....and I didn't even have to stage and it make them be there!

V-girl and I managed to sneak out for her birthday lunch on this day too.

One of her favorite gifts was this umbrella that is just her size and has animals on it.

She chose Subway for her special birthday lunch.

We even had time to sneak in a quick run around the playground - but, man, it was hot!

That was all the birthday goodness we had time for on this day.  Her cake, sadly, came a few weeks later.

I will share those later, since I can't seem to find them at the moment.

But, she had a good day.  She was very happy to finally be 6  and how she is on the countdown for loosing her first tooth.  She cannot wait for that to happen!