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Friday, October 9, 2015

Sometimes It Really Is Just The Little Things

My kids actually get along pretty darn good most of the time.  But, they have their moments like all kids, "He touched me!"  "She was happy when I got into trouble.  She smiled at me."  And, even an occasional physical altercation when they have left the room and somebody had the gall to sit in their spot.

But this past week I have been witness to quite a few of those little moments, those little things, that truly make me happy to the bottom of my heart.

A little one holding the hand of a big one.

A big one announcing they want to sit by a little one.

A big one agreeing to carry a little one, because mom and dad were tired.

I found myself just smiling.  That is all.  Smiling.

Oh, I did manage to snap a picture...or document/prove that they were happy and sweet.

But, to keep things real I was typing this post praising them and all of that jazz, A-man, S-girl and V-girl were sitting on the couch bickering about something completely stupid.....and complaining about how the other ones always think they are right and cannot possibly always be right!

Oh, well, it is still the little things......and apparently it is all just in small increments of time!