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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Park Day - Big Finish...No Really This Time!

After Rainman recovered from the tea cups....we continued walking into FantasyLand.

We headed over and actually used a Fast Pass for the Jungle Cruise.

Not sure what is up with A-man here.  He was having fun, I promise.  Maybe it was because I kept asking him to take off his new Blue Jays hat because it kept blocking his face.

For those of you that have been on the Jungle Cruise, you know it is very....punny.  Still cracks me up and honestly, the kids all laughed too.  V-girl also kept asking me if "that animal" was real...and, she was very concerned when the campers are up a tree with a rhino trying to get them.

We left this ride and stumbled on the end of the parade as we were heading towards Splash Mountain.  Literally, this is all we saw of the parade.

Our day was winding down - because, once again, we were getting kicked out of the park early because of the Not So Spooky Halloween dealie that you needed a separate ticket to attend.  So, a group of people headed back over to Tomorrow Land for ride Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear again and these two and I waited 60 minutes (give or take 10 minutes!).....

To see.....

The building did have a/c, so that part was good.  Being trapped in a small space with hot sweaty, cranky parents and little girls who wanted to see a princess was not an ideal experience.  I did meet a really nice little family from Georgia though.  who were on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride when it had gotten broken earlier in the day....and stayed broken for the remainder (we kept circling back over to it hoping that it woudl finally be fixed.  It never was.).  I was sad...that is one of my favorites!

Anyway, the girls were so happy.  The girls had both dressed up for Disney.  This was S-girl's homage to Ariel and V-girl was dressed as Olaf.  LOL  But, the poor little thing got so nervous with Elsa and Anna that she forgot to tell both of them who she was.

Speaking of being nervous....this last part I will share with you is out of order in our day, but I wanted to save it for last.

Rainman and the little girls and I had lagged behind the rest of the bunch.  I am slow when it is hot.  We were near Cinderella's castle and I looked ahead and saw D-man shaking hands with someone....all casual like.  I thought to myself....I wonder if that is somebody from school.  Hmmm....they don't look familiar.

Then as I got a little closer, he went over and had A-girl take his picture with them.  Then A-girl moved in and got her picture taken with them.  It was about this time that I noticed a small sort of camera crew standing nearby.

This was not high school buddies of theirs.....

It was.....

Know who they are?  (And yes, the big old tattoo should have alerted me to the fact that these were not school buddies!  LOL

Okay, for those of you who aren't in the "know".  This is a little band called Twenty One Pilots. (I am linking you to their main fan page - don't be put off by the slightly scary cover picture of them.  Head down to their videos and watch a bit.) They aren't truly main stream, yet, but even I like them.  (I will say though, when D-man is doing one of their rap sequences over and over and over...or can't stop until he gets to the end of the verse....I find them a tad annoying.)  But, otherwise, I like their sound.  I like their lyrics.  They appear to be Christians, but aren't labeled a Christian band....which I think is a good thing.

Anyway, D-man was so excited that he spoken to the band, shared what a big fan he was and gotten a picture with them that, when the band walked away, he stumbled a few steps and said, "I think I have to sit down for awhile."  He was so cute...and so happy.  Then, he did what we have all done....started thinking of all the stuff he should have said.

You see this meant quite a bit to him because Twenty One Pilots announced their tour plans shortly after we planned our trip and guess what?  They were playing in Atlanta.....right in the middle of our trip.  D-man was bummed because he had been planning and planning that they were going to be his first concert....and his mean, horrible parents decided to take the family to Disney.  LOL

I told him that this was God blessing him and showing him that He really cared....even about the little things in life.  What a blessing and a little wink from God, right?  I mean if you start thinking about being at the right place at the right time with those thousands upon thousands of people.....

Here is the point in the vacation where D-man and A-girl both loved me and hated me at the same time.....because I have this funny rule that they cannot share pictures of us being out of town...or posting about us being out of town....and for sure, not sharing where we are.

So, they were stuck.  They did private message the pictures to a few of their friends that already knew we were out of town and where we were.

And then, A-girl got this picture from J-girl....

This is one of the band member's wives (who none of us even noticed was there...sorry Jenna!)....anyway, that is the back of A-girl's head and her hand....taking a picture with the Twenty One Pilots guys!

She was so excited and wishing that she didn't have such an old fashioned, overly cautious mom.  She wanted to share it with the real time!

So our time at the Magic Kingdom came to an end...but a fantastic time was had by all.  Disney IS incredibly expensive.  It is.  It was a big deal for us to do this.  I had to calm myself down many, many times about the money.

But, it is hard to argue with someplace that can make a whole family of 8
happy, from top to bottom.  .

So, if I can make myself step back from the money side of really is the little things....