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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Dream Analysis

Any of you guys do any dream analysis?  Have a book that explains them?

I had a weird one last night, but I have a few recurring ones that I would love somebody to tell me what they mean!  My most frequent one isn't being naked, or even showing up for a class I have never been in just in time for the final exam.  Nope.  None of those standard ones.

Mine is that my teeth are crumbling and falling out.  Anyone?

Last night's dream was strange in that the location changed a few times, from scene to scene.  I was at my current home in some and at my childhood home in others.  It started with A-man playing with a ceramic camel and chipping his tooth.  I was upset, so I went up to my room crying that my baby had chipped his perfect little face.  Rainman was there too and was trying to calm me down and say that having a chipped front tooth hadn't hurt his chances with the ladies - i.e. me.

Again - weirdness - because I went "up" to my room to throw myself on my pillow and cry.  But, at this house, my room is not "up".  However, my childhood bedroom is up.  The 3 littles followed me to the bedroom and were trying to comfort me.  A-man was just so sad that I was crying....that he had made me cry.   All of a sudden,  we heard a really loud voice from downstairs.  It was one of those times where I shushed everyone and tried eavesdropping from the crack of my bedroom door.....because I knew something wasn't right.  I didn't recognize the voice, but they were asking for help moving something.

Weird thing coming:  Somehow Rainman was no longer the man downstairs at the house, it was my dad.  My dad who has been gone for 4 years now.  Somehow, he  was still alive in my dream.....and it was current time, because the kids were the same ages they are now.  But, in my dream, Rainman just morphed into my dad and I didn't think it was anything strange in my dream.

I heard Dad tell then he would help but that he had to get dressed.  He came upstairs, I told the kids to stay put and be quiet and I snuck into his bedroom to see what was going on.  He said he didn't want them to know there was anybody else here, so we needed to be quiet.  He said he was going to try to help them - but he didn't think they really needed help.  But, wanted them away from the house, so we could call for help.  There was a whispered 911 call and even a red car filled with hit men heading up to our shed (childhood home).  But, then at one point the kids and I had snuck down to the basement and were planning to either hide out or sneak to the neighbors house via our shop door.  (current home).

I won't go into much more detail - because I am still trying to take A-girl's advice and keep it short - plus, I have no pictures of my dreams to break up my boring monologue. I will just put in this artsy picture taken by D-man.  It is sort of dream like, isn't it?

But, it was weird because as things kept unfolding, in some scenes, I was peering out of my childhood bedroom window and sometimes I was looking out my living room window at my own house.   I don't know where my mom or Rainman were in my dream.

It was just weird and I woke up with my heart pounding.  And then, had that truly sad realization that my Dad is gone and wasn't still with us.

Maybe I was thinking about dads because this week is always a hard one for Rainman.  His dad's birthday was a few days ago (he would have been 94) and the anniversary of his passing would have been today.

I never met his dad, but I remember the day/date he passed because Rainman and I have a sort of joke that we were both crying on October 3, 1992.

Want to know why I was crying on that day?

That was the day I married  my first husband.  And, yes, I really did cry that day - because, deep down, I knew I was making a big mistake, but I didn't know how to turn back and do the hard thing of calling it off.  So, I told myself everything would be better after the craziness of the wedding was over.  Oh, silly, naive little me.

Anyway, my point is that maybe I was thinking about Rainman's dad, which morphed my subconscious into thinking about my own dad and his protecting me/us....even when it was scary and hard.  I don't know.  I just miss him still.  It is the worst feeling when you wake up and have to remember that they are gone.

So, really.  Anybody actually know anything about dream analysis?

 I am really interested in the whole teeth crumbling and falling out thing!  Really.