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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Technology Assistance, Please.....

Yes, I am posting twice in one day.  Yes, I am taking a break from telling you ad nauseam about our Disney trip!

You have recently given me your feedback on Smart Phones and you have helped me with my fears about them, so now I need help with something else.  Well, actually D-man needs your assistance on this one.  I am just trying to help him not be stupid.

He has decided he wants to get a Kindle Fire because it is only $50 right now on Amazon. (I have included my affiliate links to Amazon, so if you happen to decide you want to click over and actually purchase stuff, I will get a little pocket money  Emoji.  I am actually new at this stuff - so I am not 100% sure that I have done that right/added the link correctly.....I should probably ask for assistance with that too!)

I think he should just go ahead and put that money towards a laptop that he will really need for college next year and not waste money on a tablet that he won't really be able to type papers on and things.  Isn't it basically just a bigger smart phone?

He assures me that the Kindle Fire will be almost just as useful.

So, for those of you with kids in college, what do you think?

He already has a smart phone.  He currently uses our desk top computer for his school work.  So, he will absolutely need something when he goes to college next year.

Recommendations for laptops?  Tablets?

I was thinking something like this HP laptop that is about $200 and comes with Office 365 for a year:

Ideas?  Opinions?  Advice?

Quickly please because he is champing at the bit and has money apparently actually burning a hole in his pocket!