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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shut The Fridge

Okay, in case you haven't notice, I am now officially, more BlogSpot in there.

I own

I don't really understand it.  I am counting on my IT friend, John, to keep it straight for me.

I made the change a week or so ago...and I am getting more traffic.

I am a little unsure about some of it. I have a page that shows me my "traffic sources", and some of them make me nervous.

I will just hope (and pray) that the creeps stay away.

I also have to wonder about some of my overseas readers. 

I mean, I have a friend in Scotland....but that is all I know about.  Seeing that someone in Russia and even China is reading my blog makes me nervous.  I mean, I think it is theory....but, you hear about such icky things these days, you know?

Anyway, if you follow me, your link to my page should still work....if you manually type in the web address for my should be easier now.